The Mom's


Timmie is the best lab ever! She loves to be loved, love to hunt and loves to sleep with Trevor. Her puppies are smart and easy going just like her!


Tess is a labradoodle. She is the best mom  I may have ever had. She is very patient with her puppies and loves to snuggle in with them. 


Charlie is a chocolate labradoodle. She is a happy fun loving girl! She loves to play fetch and just spend hours lounging on the couch. 


Chloe is an F1 BERNIEdoodle. She is super silly and fun loving. She is constantly playing and having a good time. 

The Dads


Brown and white standard poodle.  Willie loves to be with people and travel in the car. 


Bandit is a miniature black & white poodle. He loves to sit on the back of the couch and soak up the sun!