We LOVE our Doodles!


hi jennifer,
   i wanted to send you these recent shots of molasses.  she is going to be included in a magazine called dogwatch that is published by the cornell university school of vet’ medicine.  so i guess you can say you have bred an ivy league labradoodle.  we love her so much and she cracks us up more every day.  the dog is so damn smart she never ceases to amaze me.  hope you are well.  thanks again for such a great pooch.
ashley parker snider
santa barbara, ca


happy holidays from dolly doodle and the graw's.
our granddaughter, who will be 2 on the 30th hand feeds dolly one little piece of food at a time.
dolly is so gentle with kids and other dogs.  she is a wonderful girl and we
have so much fun with her.  you can tell she loves the snow.
best wishes,


hi jen,
   well, the 2 beautiful puppies you allowed our family to have are just the most incredible creatures!  they are big boys and sweeter than ever...what amazing temperaments - a testament to the breeding.  
best regards,
alane harrington


Hi Jenn,

Just thought I’d give you a little update.  Stella is doing SO well.  She’s learning quickly.  She’s in her crate all night with no crying (goes out once during the night to pee).  She knows her name, come, sit.  We’re working on ‘stay, down, up’.  Yesterday she rang her bell that is hanging from the door to go ‘outside’.  We’re also working on ‘okay’ when she can eat.  

She’s crazy to be outside as much as possible and loves to listen to the birds and the other dogs barking, any noise at all and what a sniffer.  I swear she could sniff forever!  She’s so delightful!  We adore her.




I thought you might like to see Gracie at 7 months. She is 50 pounds of high energy and loves to hike with us, sleeps in her bed beside ours, and sneaks up onto the couch to snuggle. She's loyal, fairly well-behaved, and hasn't shed a hair! We are so happy to have her in our family.